In today’s age, you can see that the brightest stars are often followed by headlines that are sure to raise a brow or two. LeBron recently made headlines with his response to a Fox News host telling him to “shut up and dribble”. Eli Manning and Dak Prescott were arrested in their college careers. Peyton Manning was accused of sexual assault. Some of the greatest names in sports all have had their share of controversy. Leo Lewis found himself in the middle of the Ole Miss mess, and was recently arrested for disorderly conduct. Does the take away from the player he is? Absolutely not.

Leo Lewis is one of, if not the main, leaders of the Mississippi State defense.  He has played through distraction after distraction and continued to play well. And that is what the greats in the game do.

On the field, The doubt about his abilities should have been silenced in Year One. He was the second in tackles on the team as a freshman, and he had 48 tackles this year. He was named SEC Freshman of the Year by Athlon Sports, All-SEC Freshman Team, and was named SEC Freshman of the week in 2016.

Off the field, he is highly respected by his teammates. So much so, that his game, attitude, and his leadership very much reminds me of Ray Lewis when he was in college, one of the greatest linebackers in history (who also had controversy). When articles began to bash Lewis for his poor decisions, his teammates were quick to stand up for their teammate.

So to the naysayers and the ones that have publically called out Leo Lewis, thank you. It is my firm belief that Year 3 for him will be something incredible. He has not released a statement. He has not addressed the issue. Why? Because the great players let their game do the talking. Lewis will be no different.

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