While Jake Mangum and the Bulldogs were hot heading into the SEC Tournament, they weren’t able to add to their four game win streak.

The Dawgs got off to a fast 3-0 lead versus LSU with runs by Rowdey Jordan and Hunter Stovall in the third inning and one more by Josh Hatcher in the fourth. Konnor Pilkington held the Tigers at 0 through four innings, but he gave up two runs in the bottom of the fifth. However, the Bulldogs were determined to grow their lead to two, and Josh Hatcher did just that as he was driven in by Tanner Allen for the second time of the night. JP France gave up two runs in the bottom of the sixth, making the game tied at four.

The Bulldogs never saw another lead all night, calling four more pitchers from the bullpen and giving up as many runs. Losing 5-8, the Bulldogs seemed to be faced with the same problems all night long.

The first problem for the Dawgs was that they left runners on base far too often. They left runners on base in every inning besides the fifth and the seventh, and they even left the bases loaded in the fourth. The Bulldogs left a grand total of thirteen runners on base.

Another problem that seemed to haunt the Dawgs was the lack of effectiveness from the bullpen. The bullpen gave up six runs after starter Konnor Pilkington was removed from the game. As Coach Gary Henderson put it, fourteen hits and five runs should be enough to win a baseball game.

While Tuesday night’s loss was disappointing, let’s keep our hopes up as we wait for the NCAA Tournament in June.

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