Arguably, there has never been a more exciting time in Starkville history. The football program is riding a wave of hype after the hire of an offensive mastermind, Joe Moorhead. He has weapons galore on offense, Nick Fitzgerald, Aeris Williams, Kylin Hill, and a number of playmaking wide receivers. He has brought an incredible staff to Starkville, highlighted by one of the nation’s top recruiters, Charles Huff. Players are talking about ring sizes, and the media is talking about Starkville. Coach Moorhead has done something that ‘That Other Coach’ never did. He has taken us from good to great.

Sure, he hasn’t even coached a single game.

Sure, he has never been a head coach in a Power 5 conference.

But he has been a head coach at a Division I school, Fordham, and he was very successful. To me, the talent on this team is undeniable. I could probably coach this team to at least six wins. Coach Moorhead coming in and winning 8,9, or even 10 games isn’t what makes him a step up. His attitude. His ambition. His determination. That is unmatched. There is no coach in the SEC who brings the level on excitement and hype that he brings.

It took him 3 short months to bring in a class ranked 27th by 24/7 Sports, and next year’s class is currently ranked 18th, with four 4 stars. Very rarely do new head coaches come in and immediately make an impact like he has. The players have bought in. And why wouldn’t they… he is cooler than all of us:


This is awesome. Some teams have coaches that wear ugly Jordan’s, so we clearly have one of the better coaches when it comes to recruiting tactics.

So some people want to pump the brakes on this program, but haven’t they always? Consistently, we are a team picked last in the SEC West. Even at #1 in the country, we were always an underdog. We have always embraced that role, but it is a new age.

In the head ball coach’s own words, ‘Mississippi State is no longer the Little Engine That Could’. There is now a #ChampionshipStandard. We are the #ChampionshipStandard. And I truly believe that it is here to stay. It takes more than a talented team to win games. It takes a great coach, with a great staff, with the right attitude, and the proper work ethic. Right now in Starkville, we have Moor of it than ever.

2 thoughts on “A Championship Standard has Arrived in Starkville

  1. Can’t wait, ready to see MSU in action taking the high ranked teams and making them the lower ranked ones.‼️


  2. Recruiting is the key! It State starts having 4 and 5 star recruiting every year then get ready for this thing to take off! Recruiting is key from a good team to a great team! Hail State!


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