In what most considered a year to be forgotten, Mississippi State Baseball will most likely be hosting a Super Regional. After losing the first game of the Regional, the Dawgs went on an absolute tear… and somehow, it has a lot to do with a banana. Mississippi State found itself down several times during the three different elimination games it had to play in. An incredible walk-off homerun was only the start of crazy games for the Dawgs, which later played a nail-biting 9-8 outing against Stanford . The game against Oklahoma seemed a tall task. Then suddenly all the worry went away. Enter Jordan Westburg and a banana. With the banana (and some incredible hitting), State took Oklahoma pitchers to task, putting up 21 runs in two straight elimination games.

Long story short, Mississippi State is 2-0 with bananas and 2-1 without ’em.

So for now, its safe to say that bananas are a new hot commodity in Starkville… and if a Super Regional heads our way, Dudy Noble might just resemble a fruit stand.

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