My brightest moments of Mississippi State athletics all have several things in common. They include excitement, cowbells, maroon and white, a hint of heart burn, and Bob Carskadon. Through all the great video scripts, the unique coverage, and unforgettable interviews, I personally learned about what I do now. The main inspiration for writing, more specifically writing on Mississippi State sports, stems from a November 2nd interview I heard of Bob speaking on “For Whom the Cowbell Tolls”.

The many inspirational stories and ones that no one would have ever heard about forever will remain with me, and many other State fans for a lifetime. Over your career, State fans have been able to watch 3 national championship appearances, bowl game wins, improbable victories, Omaha, and a record season for practically every sport. But for me, the most exciting part of it all was never on the field, it was always after the game on To see what different way you covered the game, what your thoughts on the game were, and to see and read one of the most creative and different voices in all of sports journalism. Whether you told the story, or let the fans (one of my all-time favorite), it never disappointed.

After reading your thank you letter, it was a range of emotions. I expected to read about your next promotion, or a crazy new gig, only to see you have no idea. And that’s the perfect way to sum you up. As an avid reader and follower of your career, I never knew what was coming next, and that was what made you the most exciting.

One of your lasting impacts, which you mentioned in your letter, was one of the greatest and Mississippi State-esque phrases in history. Strung across billboards in several major sports cities were the words “Wherever you go, we will go with you.” Nothing words could ever be more perfect to use now than your own.

You told us that you will always take Mississippi State with you… but truly we will go with you. Thank you for the memories, the iconic moments, the incredible voice, and for showing me what Mississippi State is all about. Without you, I wouldn’t be writing this today. Thanks for changing me, for an incredible time here, and for being apart of this Hail State family… In your own words, “Words are my job, but they fail me in describing what you mean to me and the city of Starkville.” Thank you, Bob, and God Bless!

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