I had the privilege of being able to interview former MSU linebacker, Dez Harris. Harris played at MSU from 2013-2017. Here is his reflection of playing at Mississippi State:

Me: “You played for four defensive coordinators over your career at Mississippi State. Who was your favorite, and why?”

Dez: “Grantham, because that’s whose system I played in the most. I started 9 games with him.”

Me: “You played for Dan Mullen the entire time you played at State. What was it like playing for him?”

Dez: “Fun, he has a great football mind and he pushed me to be the best I could be.”

Me: “You had plenty of memorable wins over your career, but what was the most memorable win in a Bulldog uniform?”

Dez: “Auburn, 2014”

Me: “You suffered three torn ACL injuries while playing football. What was it like having to go through the process of rehabbing and getting back ready to play?”

Dez: “Rough but rewarding”

Me: You had tons of very solid games for MSU, but in your opinion, what do you think your best game was?”

Dez: “Definitely between LSU in 2016 and Georgia in 2017.”

Me: “How do you see the rest of this season going for MSU, and even further in the future?”

Dez: “It’s a long season, and a big hill to climb; as long as we keep moving in the right direction, we can turn it all around.”

Me: “Last thing. Describe the atmosphere of Davis Wade Stadium and your favorite part about playing there.”

Dez: “It was just fun, and everybody in Starkville has always treated me like family.”


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