Most teams in America have a tendency to ‘want’ Bama, but Mississippi State football… well we do not.

For some reason, there is this tradition of sorts of wanting the Crimson Tide. Heck, even Bama fans want Bama. While the headline might seem like we are backing down, it isn’t really so much as we don’t want to play them, but more as Mississippi State football does not want the wonderful momentum and confidence to die.

The game is coming arguably at the best and worst point in the season. While the team is playing the best that it has all year, the chances of beating a near perfect team in Alabama with a near perfect coach in Nick Saban, are slim to none. I do not think to many of you reading this will even remotely disagree. If the game is in Starkville, give the Dawgs a chance, but it is in Tuscaloosa so that does not help anything either.

What makes this game so catastrophically placed is that this team and offense is on a roll. If this game comes a couple weeks earlier, we take the loss and move forward. Nothing would come in the way of our momentum. Now, we go out there, likely get beat soundly and have to get back out there and beat two teams with nothing to lose. That isn’t ideal. But maybe, just maybe, the glass is just as half full as it is half empty…

The Dawg could give Bama a run for their money. Not even necessarily win, but play them close. That in itself is a stepping stone and confidence builder for next year. And hey, we were one bonehead blitz away from pulling off a win last year. This team isn’t going to laydown in anyway… but lets just hope things go better for the Dawgs than it did for the Tigers last week.

If all else fails, lets just declare this #AlabamaRespectWeek:

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