The Wild Card round has passed, and the NFL’s eight best teams are fighting for league supremacy. With four Bulldogs making appearances in the divisional round, let’s take a look at how they played this week.

  • Dak Prescott, QB, Dallas Cowboys –

As a Bulldog fan, watching Dak come so close to bringing the Cowboys back once again hurt to watch. Prescott finished the night twenty for thirty-two with 266 yards. Like last week, Prescott finished with both a rushing and passing touchdown. The score on the ground, coming from a yard out, etched Dak’s name in the Cowboys record books. The Cowboys QB now has the most rushing TD’s in postseason history for the ‘Boys.

  • Dencio Autry, DL, Indianapolis Colts –

Returning from a minor injury that sidelined him last week, Autry felt the need to make his presence felt. Autry racked up two tackles with assists on two others, adding a sack as well. As the Colts are eliminated from the playoffs, hopefully Autry can make an appearance in the Pro Bowl.

  • Chris Jones, DL, Kansas City Chiefs –

Jones might not have had the day were used to seeing him have, but he was effective in other ways. Jones had three pass deflections, a career high. Jones and the Chiefs will host the Patriots next week in the AFC Championship.

  • Fletcher Cox, DL, Philadelphia Eagles –

In a game that Cox wasn’t 100%, he had a reasonably good game. Cox collected two tackles with an assist on another. Most of the Saints big rushing plays came while Cox was off of the field.

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