The Dawg Wire Ep. 4

In Episode 4, we talk about the Egg Bowl, the Egg Brawl, and the success the team had towards the end of the season. Read More

Championships, Underdogs, and Little Dooey’s with Peter Burns

If Mississippi State fan’s had to list their favorite TV personalities, it is safe to say Peter Burns would be at the top of most people’s list. It is not too often that our University ends up having great national media coverage, but when a man with nearly 60,000 followers tweets quality tweets about your… Read More

Thank you, Bob Carskadon

My brightest moments of Mississippi State athletics all have several things in common. They include excitement, cowbells, maroon and white, a hint of heart burn, and Bob Carskadon. Through all the great video scripts, the unique coverage, and unforgettable interviews, I personally learned about what I do now. The main inspiration for writing, more specifically… Read More